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Collaboration between Public & Academic Libraries, Part 2

I had a post suggesting that collaboration between public and academic libraries can be fruitful. Here, I’d like to discuss a little more how I see such a collaboration working to benefit both types of institutions. Again, I’m inserting the … Continue reading

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Literary Agent Assistant, Anyone?

I got a funny email yesterday. Funny because I’ve never gotten email about a job in the publishing industry before. Turned out that it’s a job posting for a part-time assistant position to a literary agent who “represents authors who … Continue reading

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This is a post about posting. When you sign up for an account or publish a post WordPress (which is free, and has been very kind to me, both things which I can appreciate), it helpfully gives you a screen … Continue reading

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A Post

This is a post.

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Salience in the Cost of Academic Journals

I’ve written briefly before on the seemingly blithe response faculty members have to their academic journals’ rising costs. I wonder if the problem can be partly addressed by making the faculty more aware of the costs that libraries pay on … Continue reading

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Kindle Singles

I seem to remember a lot of book reviews that run along the line of “The book at hand started as a compelling article in [The New Yorker, The Atlantic, or some other high-brow magazine] and should’ve stayed as such. … Continue reading

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Books I’m Reading

Make that “Kindle single” I’m reading. At 369 locations, Andrew Losowsky’s Reading in Four Dimensions is (feels?) shorter than most articles in The Atlantic Monthly. Towards the end of this quick read, Lowsowsky comments on the permanence of printed materials … Continue reading

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