Literary Agent Assistant, Anyone?

I got a funny email yesterday. Funny because I’ve never gotten email about a job in the publishing industry before. Turned out that it’s a job posting for a part-time assistant position to a literary agent who “represents authors who write meaningful fiction and nonfiction books for sale to commercial publishers”. The more I read, the more intriguing I found the job. The description reads, in part,

We are looking for an assistant to help find new authors who can write full length, big-idea books in categories such as health, business, history, the arts and sciences. The assistant will use creative judgment to envision the type of work that a potential author will produce . . . The assistant should be an investigative/research-oriented person. Creativity and imagination are required for the researcher to recognize the potential of an author to produce an important saleable work.

Doesn’t that sound promising? Doesn’t it sound like the lowly, peon assistant gets to be involved in the creative process? If I were less of a chicken boo, I would apply for this part-time work. As it is, I guess I’ll settle for reading about it. If any of you work in the publishing industry, I’d love to hear more about your work!


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4 Responses to Literary Agent Assistant, Anyone?

  1. Ashley says:

    While I’m not in the publishing industry, that does sound like a great position. You should go for it!

  2. mlcap123 says:

    I am doing an unpaid internship for Bancroft Press and I will probably be there unpaid for a few years. You could call it an internship. This is not an easy industry to break into and you can’t just work wherever you want, whenever you want, and for whoever you want without a good amount of experience, often times a MA degree, and some connections. I’d kill to get emails offering me jobs that I could actually take in the publishing industry.

    • teasandbooks says:

      Wow! Unpaid for a few years! What do you do for that unmentionable thing called money then? And what do you do at the publishing house? I walk through the space of the academic press at our institution sometimes, but besides having a lot of glossy dust jacketed books on their shelves, I can’t tell what people are doing that are different from ordinary office workers. Pray tell.

  3. Flying Yenta says:

    Hi there! This could actually be a great position (first pragmatic question to ask is how much it would pay). Sounds like they’re looking for a creative trailblazer to brave the oceans of aspiring and established authors, and perhaps even have them do her bidding, heh heh. It might be exciting to scout out talent and direct/guide major writing projects. Particularly if you’re a big dreamer at the expense of smaller details. And if the hours leave time for your own writing. Hope you apply – no harm done 🙂

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