Upcoming Posts

Another list of things I want to write about. A couple of items are holdovers from older lists that I have yet to get to, but still plan to tackle.

  1. Library use and book sales: substitutes or complements?
  2. Piracy and book sales: there’s gotten be a way to get a quantitative answer to this question
  3. My summer in preservation
  4. Librarians as research assistants
  5. Familiar strangers: meeting literary personalities in others’ writings
  6. Having enough: putting down a book without the guilt
  7. Photo essay of tea stuff
  8. Writing as a 0-sum game
  9. Writing: who’s the audience?
  10. I swear I had something else I want to write about, but now I’ve forgotten. Grgh, what is it?
  11. Provenance: books vs. art
  12. “Not us” is a rallying cry with limited appeal
  13. Privatized library services: effects? Thesis?
  14. Buying books
  15. Academic publishing/university press: what’s the business model?
  16. Thoughts on biographies
  17. Humor as content
  18. Is competition good for literary fame?
  19. Editing: fair or foul?
  20. Spellcheck
  21. Titles: who’s the audience?
  22. Why do reviewers all review the same books?
  23. When is the best time to review a book for the public?
  24. Tags: mine are out of control
  25. Vanity publishing
  26. The tricky ethics of required reading
  27. The warm encouragement of a machine
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