Writing on Friday

Well, peeps, in my drive to satisfy, I really want to have written something for Friday. (I hope you will excuse the informality of the writing. It’s my blog’s equivalent of “casual Friday”.) However, the laziness bug has bitten (just now? has it actually let go in the past? I’m not sure), and I find it difficult to do much writing.  As you can see from my latest Upcoming Posts list, it isn’t that I haven’t topics on which I want to pontificate pointlessly. Nah, what’s keeping me is much simpler and more demonstrative of my laziness than that. It’s the act of actually sitting down and hammering out one line after the other, of editing (re-reading, cutting, displacing words, more re-readings), of the distracting impulse to do a million other things (watch the US Open, read The Economist, read Jeremy Lewis, read the ALA newsletter, look for an apartment, make a hot cup of tea, and my oldest hobby, complaining).

If you see this post published Friday (September 9th) along with something else, know then that I have beaten back the sloth bug. If not, then not.

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One Response to Writing on Friday

  1. Ah, the bite of the sloth bug. I have yet to find the cure for that venom, unfortunately. I love, however, that you wrote a post about being too lazy to post, lol.

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