Upcoming Posts

The last upcoming posts list is getting a tad too long, so I’ve culled the topics from it that haven’t been written on for this new list.

  1. Library use and book sales: substitutes or complements?
  2. Piracy and book sales: there’s gotten be a way to get a quantitative answer to this question
  3. Privatized library services: effects? Thesis?
  4. “Not us” is a rallying cry with limited appeal
  5. Titles: who are they for?
  6. Book reviews: Why are some books reviewed everywhere? When is the best time to review a book for the public?
  7. Book review v. massage parlor review
  8. The tricky ethics of required reading
  9. The right rate of publishing
  10. The value of reputation: first-time writers & job seekers
  11. Why agents?
  12. Book advertising
  13. Longing for a copywriter
  14. Library functions and outsourcing
  15. The authenticity of self
  16. Sources of advice
  17. Retrospective acquisition of library materials
  18. General reference functions
  19. Behind the scenes at a library
  20. Anatomy of a book
  21. Some numbers on the cost of a library book
  22. Autumn in preservation
    • Preservation review
    • Collection assessment survey
  23. Archives
  24. Criteria for banning materials from library
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