Warm Encouragement from a Machine

Immediately after publishing a post, I get an encouraging message from WordPress that looks something like this:

I feel so validated!

“Magnificent!” rotates among a list of superlatives like “Awesome!”, “Totally radical!”, “Way to go!” . . . etc. All high, and hip, sounding praises.

Now, how manipulable am I that, knowing full well that this praise came from a machine, a random number generator that picks an adjective from a predetermined list, a cold & hard algorithm that exists only keep me writing & hopefully at some point generate some income for a profit-making corporation, knowing all that, I still feel a surge of validation upon getting the message? How very Pavlovian!

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One Response to Warm Encouragement from a Machine

  1. Esa says:

    Your pavlovian reference speaks to my own issues and personal struggle with, what do I really want and need from my blogging? Can I simply write away and be happy that I have a forum for my voice, or do I need the feedback that comes from the occasional comment?

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