Fun and Cool Facts

I learned some fun & cool facts about our library system during my orientation. (Don’t roll your eyes like that; “fun” are “cool” surely some of the first adjectives you think of when when somebody mentions libraries, no? Maybe they’re outranked by “wild”, “rad” or “groovy”, but certainly they’re high up on the list.) Just so you too have fun library facts to sprinkle your next cocktail hours, let me share what they are.

  1. The combined collection of the UC campuses rival that of the Library of Congress. I don’t know this equivalency is measured in unique titles or sheer number (as the different campuses must replicate a lot of each other’s collections), but either is impressive.
  2. The UCLA research library never had scanners on its premises, until its renovation this year.
  3. The UCLA library systems does not hold any ebooks because of limitations imposed by ebook contracts. (Remember that ebooks, unlike print books, are not governed by copyrights law, but rather by licensing terms between publishers and users.)
  4. Yours truly & her classmates will be some of the first students to have lectures in the newly renovated research library, in a room with chairs but no tables or desks. I’m secretly (although not so secretly now) of the opinion that this is an attempt to improve students’ cursive handwriting.
  5. The name of our program is abbreviated as GSE&IS. The “&” is meant to act as a speech bump, so that GSEIS is not pronounced phonetically as “Jesus”.
  6. The “read out loud” option on some e-books is disabled because a reading is considered a “performance” and such performance may not be allowed by an e-book license.
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