Spam or Delicious Spam?

How is it that WordPress can tell whether a comment is spam, while having actually read through the last 11 comments in my spam queue, I can’t?  Are they spam, or are (some of them) delicious, fatty “chopped pork shoulder meat, with ham meat added, salt, [and] water“?

Or delicious spam?


Like the doctors in the Rosenhan experiment who saw every behavior as a manifestation of mental illness simply because they are exhibited by people in psychiatric hospitals, I expect the comments I find in the Spam folder to be spam (the kind in the left picture). My apologies if you’ve made a comment in my blog that hasn’t appeared because it went to the psychiatric ward. Sorry! (On the other hand, if you’ve left-picture spammed me, then you should know that the last time posting on my blog made anybody any money was, well, never. Apologies, too, for wasting your time.)

(Photos are from Kachina DazeSu-Lin.)

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One Response to Spam or Delicious Spam?

  1. Update 4/9/2012: For the first time, WordPress let through a “comment” that is spam of the non-delicious kind. I also earned something new kind of recently about spam: the motivation for spamming may not be so much to get the people you spam to respond to your spam message; rather, it’s to improve your search engine’s result since if your spam comment is approved, you’ve just generated an inbound link to your site. Since search engines perform link analysis, you’ve may just have improve your ranking in its algorithm.

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