Theme Change?

Maybe the heat is getting to me, but I have a radical thought: how about a theme change? Instead of the usual, same-old, same-old, I can now write about animals belonging to the emperor, sucking pigs, sirens, et cetera.

OK, so not that. What I’m actually thinking about is to change the theme of my blog layout. Currently, it’s Bueno by Woothemes. I like the theme just fine* except for the little matter, perhaps imaginary on my part, that its type is a bit hard to read. What do you think? Should I bother?

And because polls are new and fun for me, here’s one.

(*Sorry, Sherbil. I know you don’t like the pink  default color of Bueno.)

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2 Responses to Theme Change?

  1. Sherbil says:

    I have voted 😉

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