Upcoming Posts

A fresh list to clear the cobwebs. (And lists make me feel so productive.)

  1. Autumn in preservation
  2. More MBAs and lawyers in libraries?
  3. Copyright: laws & morals
  4. Behind the scenes at a library
  5. More on blog writing
  6. tags
  7. Academic libraries & book rentals
  8. Books to scripts
  9. Lending e-readers
  10. A market solution to high subscription prices
  11. Book length
  12. Writing != grammar
  13. Not sufficient but very, very necessary — copy editing
  14. LOCKSS — if it’s there but nobody cares, is it preserved?
  15. Citation, thou art grammar
  16. The existential angst of T&B
  17. Limitations of e-readers: separating what aren’t good from what cannot be good
  18. Please go on sale!
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