System Lock Down?

From the data that I get on my readership on this blog, I’ve noticed something. Almost everybody who subscribes or comments on this blog has a WordPress blog themselves. I believe there are only three exceptions to this pattern. Admittedly, it’s both a small sample and an incomplete picture even in the tiny universe that is this blog as not everybody who stops by either comments or subscribes. However, it’s enough (low bar) to make me speculate  that there’s a system-lock-in or network effect to WordPress.

Is it the case that WordPress bloggers are much more likely to engage with other WordPress blogs than, say, Blogger blogs? Is WordPress a closed ecosystem like Facebook, where although it is possible for Facebookers to check on MySpacers, one one really does? Is it only a matter of degree of success on WordPress part that some of us still read non-WordPress blogs? There’s nothing sinister about this, of course. As a business, WordPress does a lot to drive traffic to its hosted blogs (thanks WordPress!), and it’s only natural that the traffic it’s able to drive most successfully are the people who already use its services, e.g. other WordPress bloggers. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to think that our reading universe has changed because of the choice we made on the medium to disseminate our writing.

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