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More Fun and Cool Facts

The third edition of fun & cool facts on books, libraries, and writing (or books, libs, & scripts): The first assembly line product are books that rolled off the Gutenberg press around 1440-1445, many years before Henry Ford came along. … Continue reading

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Who Wins?

Below is an essay I wrote a class, which I think is (just) entertain enough to repost here. I also have a funny story to go along with the post: I was talking to our grader about what he thought … Continue reading

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For those of us feeling a bit down because of the essays-cum-tests that we churn out endlessly, here’s a set of test questions to lift our spirits. Q1: Please blabber as much as you can about the stuff I blabbered … Continue reading

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This, is NPR

OK, that was a tiny, teeny, little white fib. This isn’t really National Public Radio; it’s really not public radio. But it isĀ a guest contributionĀ from National Public Radio’s best new hire*! Woo! AT (not to be confused with ET) is … Continue reading

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Dear Blog,

I’ve been away from you for four days, and I’ve missed you. Let me tell you what I’ve done during the time I was away Not work on my final 10-15-page essay. No work is too great or small to … Continue reading

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Not Sufficient, but Very, Very Necessary

Finished McLynn’s Richard and John: Kings at War. I enjoyed Richard and John, even if McLynn’s uneven pace and flagging enthusiasm when writing about John would’ve benefited from the help of a more involved (or listened to?) editor. It’s a … Continue reading

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Flame Retardant?

How deep in library land am I that my first reaction to seeing this beautiful picture of the Liyuan Library was, “Is that wood flame retardant?”? “Where are the sprinklers? The oxygen cut-off system? How many books do those shelves … Continue reading

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