A Post a Day?

For an iota of a fraction of a fleeting second, I had the uncomplicated idea that I would participate in the A Post A Day extravaganza that WordPress has going for 2011. The second then stretched into a laborious, pregnant 10 minutes as I made a list of all the pros and cons of such a move. Yes, I actually made an Excel table. This table

After I made the table and mulled over its results some more, I realized something.

I’m crazy.

What kind of sane person does a cost-benefit analysis to figure out if she should spend more hours on her anonymous, spur-of-the-moment, “casual hobby” of a blog? No diagnosed sane person! So I acted quickly and firmly decided against the day-post idea. I think I may have just rescued my sanity in the nick of time.

Plus or minus a few nicks.

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One Response to A Post a Day?

  1. Lol, I LOVE that you made an excel spreadsheet! Seriously, it brought a smile to my face. As a person who writes pros & cons lists for everything (I once did a pros&cons of quitting coffee, for example) but has never figured out how to use excel, I felt somewhat of a kinship to you here.
    Also, “an iota of a fraction of a fleeting second” is my new favorite time reference.

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