A couple of  days ago, I went to a linocut printing event hosted by our campus hand-press club. A linocut is a technique for making an image to be printed very similar to a woodcut, except that the medium of transfer is linoleum instead of wood. If you do a Google image search for “linocut”, you get a page that looks something like this

Other people’s linocut

Pretty amazing, eh? Lest you think that those are just the pros’ cuts, all round me, people — regular people, students mostly — were making beautiful blocks-into-prints like these.

Still other talented people’s linocut prints that are not mine.

Talented people abound, huh? Well, make that talented people abound, minus 1. I won’t assault your aesthetics senses by posting my own linocut here. Suffice it to say that the two most common reactions I got when flourishing my block around were, “What’s that?” and “Which way is up?”. I guess even if my answers were, “That’s the Mona Lisa”, and “She’s doing a handstand”, I wouldn’t have fooled anybody.

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