Wrong, Terribly Wrong

I make a lot of proposals on this blog. As examples, I’ve advocated for more integration between public and academic libraries; I’ve said people can choose to barter away their privacy and that’s a good thing; I’ve called for employers (specifically libraries) to modify their hiring practices; I’ve proposed tweaks to paying for journal subscriptions;  I’ve suggested new roles for librarians. And those are only some of the posts in the last two months! Who knows in what terrible, contortionist ways I will put my foot in my mouth in the future?

Naturally, I have doubts about writing such pieces. I could be wrong, so terribly wrong. Just because I have some confidence/not utter diffidence in the merits of the arguments I’ve made doesn’t mean I’m right. (In fact, accordingly to this excellent article by the Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, it really doesn’t mean I’m right.) I’m only at the very beginning of my career as a librarian (more precisely, I’m a first-year library student), what makes me think that I can make suggestions to the profession? Suggestions of any nature other than risible?

Really, I don’t know. I do know that I am probably wrong on not a few things, but I don’t know which things (otherwise, I would saved myself from being wrong in the first place). I console myself — insofar as such things are consolations — that because I really have absolutely no power, zero, zilch (first-year student, remember?), it’s not the case that anybody is jumping at the chance to implement any of my proposals any time soon. I do hope to get some power some day, i.e. a job in two years’ time with growing responsibilities. Not something evil, but I will surely warn you when that (a job) happens! Above all, please do tell me when you think I’m wrong. I’d much rather know the counter arguments and to fittingly concede defeat than to persist in being terribly & loudly wrong.

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