Please Go on Sale!

OK, tea businesses I frequent, I know that you pride yourself on “going native”. You travel half-way around world to get the fresh, rare, and artisanal products that you hope your customers will appreciate as much as you do. You brave dirt roads, mosquito bites, and rural toiletry. You go far from home; you embrace the thousand-years history behind tea’s cultures; you do much to shed the western image of tea as that stale tin one gets from the grocery store.

For all that you do, may I ask you do one more thing? May I ask that you be an American just this one time? May I ask that you celebrate Black Friday with the full enthusiasm & consumerism dredged up from the depths of the American corporate soul? May I ask that you put your teas on sale the coming Friday? Please? Just this once? Sales — that most American of our sacred traditions — they make my heart sing so.

Update 11/21/11: Woo-hoo!

One down. Lots more greedily to go.

Update 11/23/11: Another one!

Update 11/24/11: Keep ’em coming!

Update 11/25/11: Do I subscribe to too many tea vendor newsletters?

Update 11/28/11: A Cyber Monday deal!

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One Response to Please Go on Sale!

  1. F. says:

    LOL. You do have a point. Why is good tea so darn expensive?

    I thought of you while in Turkey… had some excellent dried fruit and herbal teas.

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