Dear Blog,

I’ve been away from you for four days, and I’ve missed you. Let me tell you what I’ve done during the time I was away

  • Not work on my final 10-15-page essay. No work is too great or small to forego a respectable period of procrastination and procrastination-inducing anxiety.
  • Bought an inordinate amount of teas. I wonder if going bankrupt is a legitimate reason to ask for a raise at work.
  • Patron(that’s me)-driven (that’s what I did)-acquisitions (3 books).  To learn more about patron-driven-acquisitions, please see here and here.
  • Felt very guilty about driving my library to get me these books. Tried to convince myself that I’m being irrational. After all, this is what selectors do all day. And those books may not get read even once for years on end! And the selectors get paid for making those acquisitions!
  • Built myself a defensive fortress in case my library calls me into account over the 3 books: all three are well reviewed (all on the New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2011, in fact), and I’ve read all three Kindle samples of the books before doing the PDAs.
  • Read too many Kindle samples.
  • Ogled the Kindle Touch.
  • Brain stormed some ideas for developing further on here. (See, blog? I thought of you all the time.)

But enough about me, my poor time management & judgement in general, what about you, blog? What have you been up to?

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2 Responses to Dear Blog,

  1. Sherbil says:

    Artisanal stuffed-chocolate-making.

  2. Esa says:

    During a recent fugue state, when I was searching for blogosherical perspective, I found a resolution that may hold the key. Upon finishing a book, I let it stew for a time and if I find thoughts of the story intruding on my sleep, I will then attempt a review. We’ll see how this works.

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