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Back after the Holidays!

On hiatus until after the new year. See you then, folks! Advertisements

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Canine Acknowledgment & Brotherly Dedication

This is  possibly a very sweet, but definitely oddest acknowledgement I have seen. The last line in the foreword of Appleby’s biography on Henry II reads, Finally, I should be little better than a churl if I were not to … Continue reading

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Cultural Osmosis: Hammer Museum

Isn’t it telling of our nature that we go to new places only to look for the familiar? On a “free admission to everybody” Thursday, I ventured into the Hammer Museum to look for Kanagawa oki namiura, a Japanese woodblock print (pictured … Continue reading

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More on the Publishing Industry

More precisely, it’s more on the publishing industry as explicated by John B. Thompson’s Merchants of Culture. This is also a follow-up to a previous post that was based on the first half of Thompson’s book. I’ve now finished Merchants and found … Continue reading

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Autumn in Preservation: Preservation Review

Know of those hopeless cases? Those that not even the most skilled hands can help? Those that people shake their heads, step aside, and try to push out of their minds? Ever wonder what happens to them? Where do they … Continue reading

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Bastard Tags

The following is the introduction I wrote for a 10-page paper assignment. Please don’t run off screaming, “she’s posting a 10-page term paper?!!”. Only the introduction, which is marginally interesting, I promise. __________________________________________________________ Folksonomy is a bastard born of an … Continue reading

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Cultural Osmosis: Getty Villa

I went to the Getty Villa recently. It’s part of my effort to not end up the kid in class who when asked, “So, what did you do with your summer vacation?” has to admit to not having done much … Continue reading

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