Upcoming Posts

I find these lists to be quite helpful. Organizationally, they serve as reminders for things I want to write about; I make a list, and every time a topic crosses my mind, I add it to the list. Egotistically, they serve as “accomplishment” markers; every time I publish a post, I get an extra kick from linking its entry on this list to the actual post. Ah, wells to feed the madness.

  1. Accessible digital images of museum collections
  2. How accurate is WordPress SiteStats?
  3. Guessing game
  4. In between books
  5. Speedier writing
  6. The good, old days
  7. Fair Use
  8. Where’s the money? Simultaneous use?
  9. How fast does history date?
  10. Google Buzz is going away, but your posts are yours to keep.
  11. Fun & Cool Facts: Part N
  12. The value of privacy
  13. Thoughts on biographies
  14. Learning how to talk the talk
  15. No privacy when it comes to . . .
  16. Release of books, reviews, & samples
  17. Balanced reading
  18. Big corporations & me
  19. Purpose of book buying
  20. 10-minute presentation on First Sale
  21. Confusion on copyright
  22. Anticipating readership
  23. Fiction and nonfiction
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