Creepy Thought

Peeps, I just had a creepy thought. Due to my penchant for scheduling posts in advance, I could be dead — hit by a bus, struck by lightning, choked on bad fugu — for days before you’d have an inkling of my untimely demise. Worse, all that time while I’m swimming with the fugu, playing with the maggots, or plain old dead, you would still be getting my posts, one a day, regularly, on the dot. Posts from beyond the grave! And they wouldn’t be the profound, coming-to-grips with man’s mortality kind of posts; they’d be ramblings, grumblings, and mumbling. I’d be the gal on whose tombstone they will write, “her last thought was of a sale, possibly as much as 30% off”. What a terrible impression to leave behind!

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5 Responses to Creepy Thought

  1. teasandbooks says:

    Happy to report that, as of the writing of this comment, I’m still alive and kicking!

  2. Esa says:

    That is creepy t&b.
    But just in case, is there a way to forward comments to you? 😉

  3. Claudia says:

    That is a creepy and funny post!
    I am tempted to call it “the blog era and the beauty of automation”…
    I too have a blog, and when I prepare my posts my thoughts are: oh, if I could as easily automate my daily chores! I would spend entire days reading in bed!

  4. Update 5/29/2012: Breathing? Check. Brain function? Check. Alive? Check. Kicking? Potentially.

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