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H.J. Jackson wrote an entire book on the subject of marginalia, or readers’ scribbles on the margins of books. The most famous example of a reader leaving his mark on a page of a book — and consequently on an … Continue reading

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Originally posted on A Fine Theorem:
It’s one month after SOPA/PIPA. Congress is currently considering two bills. The Federal Research Public Access Act would require federal funders to insist on open-access publication of funded research papers after an embargo period.…

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Bibliographic Irregularities

Of course we’re not going to call them freaks of nature. Rather they’re specimens of oddities that reflect the diverse ecosystem of books. These three books that I’ve come across in my indiscriminate reading. The first is Court of the Lion, … Continue reading

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Never Thought of It

The ratio of my restaurant to home-cooked meals is such that I can’t admit to it without blushing. It is high enough that I feel like a complete dufus never having thought about this before. You know the music that restaurants … Continue reading

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Guessing Game, Round 3: Monkey Sees . . .

How about another round of the guessing game? Please blast away! Image by GlitchNYC

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Deeply Impressed!

There are libraries that offer life annuities in exchange for (substantial) gift donations! How financially savvy is that?! Certainly impressive enough to warrant non-standard punctuation!

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Paper Quality

I’ve got Robert Levine’s Free Ride in my hands. I cracked it open and then quickly found the need to flip back to the verso of the title page to find this statement The Random House Group Limited supports the Forest Stewardship … Continue reading

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