Upcoming Posts

  1. Flame of my youth: Harold Lamb
  2. Articulating what one reads
  3. Institutional judgement
  4. Bad book
  5. Inter-library loan
  6. Delayed international release
  7. Small note on library privatization
  8. Paper quality
  9. Deeply impressed
  10. How little we read!
  11. Bibliographic irregularities
  12. Marginalia
  13. Paper quality: acid-free vs. non-yellowing
  14. Artifactual & informational value
  15. Unoriginal ideas
  16. Means & ends: copy & use-rights
  17. Monkeys see, monkeys do: writing styles
  18. Writing muscles: the will to delete
  19. Reading list
  20. Guilt paralyzes.
  21. Tinkering with the frequency of posting?
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