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A Fine Theorem

It’s one month after SOPA/PIPA. Congress is currently considering two bills. The Federal Research Public Access Act would require federal funders to insist on open-access publication of funded research papers after an embargo period. The NIH currently has such a policy, with a one year embargo. As of now, the FRPAA has essentially no chance of passing. On the other hand, the Fair Copyright in Research Works Act would reverse the current NIH policy and ban any other federal funders from setting similar access mandates. It has heavy Congressional support. How should you think of this as an economist? (A quick side note for economists: the world we live in, where working papers are universally available on author’s personal websites, is almost unheard of in other fields. Only about 20% of academic papers published last year were available online in ungated versions. This is about 100% in economics and high…

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