Unoriginal Thoughts

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., the eponymous father of one of our most famous Supreme Court justices, wrote that, “There are thoughts always abroad in the air, of which it takes more wit to avoid than to hit upon”.

I read this to mean that we all have uninspired, unoriginal, inane thoughts (one of which may be captured by this sentence). Those of us with blogs have the additional tempting and destructive option of inscribing such banalities in preservable bits and publishing them for all to see. I’m certain that this blog contains plenty such plucked-from-the-broad-air thoughts that I didn’t employ the requisite wit to avoid, but it would be too heart-rending for me to figure which those are. It takes more than wit to avoid the obvious then; it takes persistence to refine, temerity to abandon, and stoutness in the fifth digit to delete it.

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