Upcoming Posts

  1. Natural place for notes: ah, already done, and done better here
  2. Library e-book lending: persistence and inter-operability over gazing into crystal balls
  3. Letter & spirit of rules
  4. Flawed analogy: speeding tickets & copyright infringement
  5. A different model for publishing
  6. Restricted library access
  7. PIPA, SOPA, and drama
  8. Research in the humanities. Or, was I misinformed?
  9. Citation v. Hyperlinks
  10. The salad divide
  11. Balanced writing
  12. Copyright: money & control
  13. Transference of institutional authority
  14. Skipping around
  15. Looking ahead
  16. Blue ink
  17. Undercounting Wikipedia’s contribution
  18. Published elsewhere
  19. Monetary incentive to encourage data deposit
  20. Ad Revenue and Content Commercialization: Evidence from Blogs
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