Scooped! (OK, Not Really.)

If this is a post, and this a meta-post, then the current entry is an un-post.

As you can see from my little list of things that I want to write about, I had planned to pen a little post about the natural place for notes to reside in a book. However, shortly after making that plan, I ran across this article from The Chronicle of Higher Education. Carol Saller, the author of the article, not only said the things that I wanted to say, she also said more interesting, informative other things that I didn’t know about and so couldn’t have said. And she said them all better than I likely would’ve. Drats!

So here I am, having read a great article, but with nothing to now blabber about. Thus an un-post is born.


PS. OK, so I couldn’t quite leave it at that. I do have something to say that Saller didn’t. Don’t ya think that the subject of notes is an area where e-books can offer a superior reading experience over p-books? An e-book offering hyperlinked notes attached to whatever sentence that needed noting is both a more accessible and non-intrusive way to insert such comments. The publishers can improve that function further by making sure that each note has a “back” link that lets the reader return to the main text after she has visited the note location.

That is all. You may consider this bit an un-un-post.

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