Fun and Cool Facts

The fun and cool facts have been few and far between this quarter, but I scraped the bottom of the barrel and found some monkeys. Library school is all fun and games here, folks!

  • Generously counting print shops like Kinko’s, the US has approximately half a million publishers. More rigorously counting, the country has approximately 139,000 publishing houses.

A page from the Codex Leicester

  • The most expensive book I ever bought? Significantly — really significantly — less than a page from the Codex Leicester. In fact, probably a few words from that manuscript are worth more than all the books I’ve ever bought — and this includes all the books from The Baby-Sitter’s Club series that I used to devotedly subscribe to.
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2 Responses to Fun and Cool Facts

  1. Totally unrelated comment, just thought you’d be interested in reading this, unless you already did, then you might be interested in re-reading it.

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