Skipping Around

I don’t skip around enough. Most books I read linearly, from beginning to end, skipping at most a sentence or two here and there. The same welfare-reducing guilt that drives me to unhappily stick with a book for too long makes me loath to pick and choose, to skip over parts and chunks, to read out of sequence, or to move on quickly after I’ve been satiated.

This is suboptimal behavior that I’m going to change with William Patry’s How to Fix Copyright. I find the last chapter in Patry’s book, “Effective Global Copyright Laws”, to be most interesting. The chapter is on a topic I know least about, so it’s going to get first dibs on my attention. I’m going to read this Chapter 12, then skip over to 9, “Reimposing Some Formalities“, before doubling back to the penultimate chapter, followed by Chapter 5 and 6 in succession. The rest may be skipped.

Or not. Now that I’m going on this crazy, spontaneous, anything-goes reading pattern, who knows what could happen?

(Image from yak23flora.)

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