The Rise of e-reading

The Pew Research Center recently released results from a survey that asks 3000 Americans aged 16 and older about their e-reading habits. Among the report highlights are the following tidbits:

    • “A fifth of American adults have read an e-book in the past year and the number of e-book readers grew after a major increase in ownership of e-book reading devices and tablet computers during the holiday gift-giving season.
    • 30% of those who read e-content say they now spend more time reading, and owners of tablets and e-book readers particularly stand out as reading more now.
    • The prevalence of e-book reading is markedly growing, but printed books still dominate the world of book readers.
    • There are four times more people reading e-books on a typical day now than was the case less than two years ago.
    • The majority of book readers prefer to buy rather than borrow. A majority of print readers (54%) and readers of e-books (61%) prefer to purchase their own copies of these books. Meanwhile, most audiobook listeners prefer to borrow their audiobooks; just one in three audiobook listeners (32%) prefer to purchase audiobooks they want to listen to, while 61% prefer to borrow them.”

For the full report, please see here.

As I’ve been reading on a dedicated e-reader for a while now, for once in my life I feel like such a trendsetter (or at least not a multiple-years-late-to-the-party-er). If like 61% of the Pew Center survey respondents, you guys prefer buying over borrowing your books, then please head over to this poll and tell me why.

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