Fun and Cool Facts

Bowker’s, “the world’s leading provider of bibliographic information management solutions”, puts out a bunch of press releases with super interesting factoids. For instance,

  • the Bowker’s latest annual book production report shows that “non-traditional print-on-demand books . . . [is] almost 8 times the output of traditional titles”. The number of print-on-demand books first surpassed conventionally produced books in 2008 and has experienced tremendous growth since.

In other non-Bowker’s news, the Association of Research Libraries publishes a list of “minimum starting salary guidelines recommended by library associations for professional library posts”, broken down by states. Here are the numbers from the latest ARL News issue

State Salary
Connecticut $25.29/hr
Illinois $47,235
Louisiana $26,000
Main $31,512
Massachusetts $47,957
New Jersey $50,765
North Carolina $32,432
Pennysylvania $35,132
Rhode Island $41,000
South Dakota $30,554
Texas $40,000
Vermon $33,025
Wisconsin $34,200

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