Views by Country

A while ago, I think on February 25th of this year to be precise, WordPress rolled out its “view by country” feature to track the visitors to your site. You know, the thing that looks like this when you click on your Site Stats page

How do you feel about this thing? As an obsessive blogger, I obviously like having more of my readers’ information revealed to me. As a librarian committed by her profession to vows of privacy (right after our vows of poverty and chastity), I feel a bit guilty that I now have more of my readers’ information revealed to me.

Although aggregation at a country level is very coarse information and thus privacy concerns are minimized, when we’re looking at a blog with not a huge number of readers like mine (but where the readers are much appreciated!), then the identities of readers — especially those from smaller countries — can be guessed at if not confirmed. I feel badly about this since I conservatively assume that most of you don’t want me to know when you visit my site unless/until you choose to make your presence known by leaving a comment or a “like”.

So be warned! I know! Or at least I think I know. Other bloggers that you read probably do too. If you don’t like this, may I suggest that you stop visiting them and spend more time on my blog? That way you at least minimize the number of people who know your browsing habits. Just some totally non-ulterior-motive suggestion first heard on your (favorite?) blog here.

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4 Responses to Views by Country

  1. Esa,

    If you see this, how goes publishing aplaceformyextrawords as a private blog? Any particular reason for doing so?

    • Dear F.,

      You have a private post, too. Is there something about the private bug that’s catching? It piques the (my) interest, that’s for sure. Also, how goes hosting your blog off the domain? I contemplate doing it from time to time but have yet found the justification to spring for it.

  2. Yay! I think I (single-handedly?) did this!

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