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The Library Blogosphere?

Rory Litwin — the publisher of Litwin Books and a colleague from my program — wrote a blog post titled “Deprofessionalization and the library blogosphere” in which he diagnoses librarianship with “deprofessionalization”, pinpoints a cause of which on “the library … Continue reading

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The Perfect Work

From David Post’s In Search of Jefferson’s Moose: Notes on the State of Cyberspace: A colleague once remarked (only half-jokingly) that the perfect work of legal scholarship would have a footnote at the end of every sentence except the final one, … Continue reading

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Words. What are They Good For?*

Henceforth, I think I will try to use the following words in an attempt to sound smarter. (All the better if these words succeed in making me sound smarter than I actually am.) ambit: scope. Example for insertion: substitute “Huh? … Continue reading

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Racing through a Book

Alright, I won’t mention any names, but I stand before you, guilty of having commit some serious infrations against some of the unnamed parties. These parties are books that, for whatever reason, mysterious perhaps even to me, I’ve raced through … Continue reading

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A Roundup

A round-up of news (or at least news to yours truly) The judge presiding over the Georgia State University suit has issued a ruling in the case. This case is important to library operations because it goes towards resolving the issues … Continue reading

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This is a California State Textbook

Due to reasons beyond my control (and belief), I find myself spending many a-hours in an elementary school library. A highlight from my time there is a discovery of a 1950s textbook on California missions. (Don’t worry; this outdated book … Continue reading

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Writing about Scientology

The writer is of course not me but Janet Reitman who wrote Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion. Given Scientology’s record for aggressively filling lawsuits alledging copyright infringement and libel against journalists who are critical of its practices, I … Continue reading

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