Upcoming Posts

  1. Free books! (Or the magic and generosity that is Creative Commons licensing.)
  2. From paper to book
  3. Serendipitous reading
  4. Verso of title page
  5. A listening experience
  6. Why do formal citations insist on squatting their big bottoms in the print world?
  7. I don’t mean PDFs when I talk about e-books.
  8. Library wish list
  9. Racing through a book
  10. Familiarity by proxy
  11. A lawyert-then-popularizer and a popularizer-then-lawyer
  12. “9” is not helpful.
  13. Blogging about books: what happens when there’s nothing to say?
  14. Tests & partitions in law
  15. Book in a series
  16. Traveling with books
  17. Author’s dedication
  18. Library book jackets
  19. Book prices
  20. Blog reading
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