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Cultural Osmosis: ALA 2012 Annual Convention

As I’ve gushed about on Sunday, I went to the annual American Library Association conference last weekend. Some of the things that stuck in my impressionable mind from that experience are The rage of print: whatever the trends going on in the … Continue reading

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There are a few books that having digested their library-lent copies, I’m contemplating buying for my own shelves. The motivation behind such purchases is always that I’ll be re-reading these books, perhaps using them as references for periodic check ins. … Continue reading

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Writing Peeve

Nah, this isn’t going to be one of those posts that metaphorically throws it hands up in exasperation about various grammatical mistakes that other people make. It ain’t about mistakes that irk the current author so much that the irritation … Continue reading

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© author; © publisher

For those of you who notice these things, would you agree with me that copyright for books  is usually claimed by authors? That is, following the © symbol is usually the author’s name. This is even if all the common rights … Continue reading

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Filling Up on an Author

I currently have three Richard Posner books on hand. Of course, three books are a small slice of his oeuvre, and I’m not going to try to read all of Richard Posner. Some years back, I made an unhappy attempt to read … Continue reading

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A Roundup

Amazon’s “The Big Deal” sale  — 400 ebooks priced at $3.99 or less —  is ending today. You may be excused for having (almost) missed it; despite the name of the sale, Amazon seems intent on not making a big … Continue reading

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The Matter of the Master’s

(Manually) reblogged from Will’s World [W]hat happens if the MLS degree withers away and dies? Let’s suppose that some time in the preapocalyptic future, the MLS ceases to be a financially viable degree. That is a distinct possibility. As an … Continue reading

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