Traveling with Books

Books are heavy. I’m sure this statement can be meant in a metaphorical way, but as I hitch up my pack bag for the umpteenth time, I’m not feeling very metaphorical. My shoulders are not bearing the weight of the world; they’re bearing the weight of just a few books, but boy, are books heavy!

Of course I’m very glad that I’ve got the books. I will enjoy spending time with them. I’m even happier that they’re wondrous books of the free type, i.e. library books. However, I’m less than happy that libraries are having a tortuous experience in getting e-books to lend to their patrons, and so the books I got are printed books. They weigh a ton  (I swear), and Jonathan Franzen is nowhere to be seen offering to carry them for me (and thus breaking my attachment to e-books and rescuing the fate of civilization). When publishers talk about maintaining the frictions involved in library book lending, meaning that they are “concerned” exactly with the convenience, and weightlessness, that e-book lending offers, may I just say, “I hear you, but since I’m never going to buy the books anyway, may I at least have the e-books?”? Traveling with heavy print books is turning me into a hunchback faster than I can say, “pretty please with a cherry on top” x3.

The Hunchback of Rialto, or me soon.

(Photo from gwenflickr, as found on Fotopedia.)

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