Writing Peeve

Nah, this isn’t going to be one of those posts that metaphorically throws it hands up in exasperation about various grammatical mistakes that other people make. It ain’t about mistakes that irk the current author so much that the irritation (and self-righteous indignation) explode in a piece of writing denouncing and enlightening such poor writers to “quit it” while inviting the author’s friends (who presumably are much too smart to make such mistakes themselves) to share the indignation and join in the laughter at the proverbial fat kids now transformed into the fat kids who write poorly.

Not this (although this is funny and may actually (gasp!) be helpful)

So it ain’t about that. It is going to be a self-centered little monologue about things that this author (referring to oneself in the third person adds so much gravitas) avoids in writing. For no good reason, no good reason that I’ve been able to discern or conjure, I think that I ought to avoid beginning posts with “I”. Not only that, I ought to minimize the number of paragraphs and sentences that self-obsessively announce their arrivals with “I”. Now try as I may, I sometimes do not succeed and at other times, only succeed at delaying the “I”s by a one or two words. Nonetheless, I stick with this general admonishment for regulating my writing. Who knows why?

Do you know? Can you explain this nervous tick? Do you have ticks, pet peeves of your own regarding your writing, that you’d like to share?

(Image from Sue Sommer as found on The Huffington Post.)

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2 Responses to Writing Peeve

  1. My primary school English teacher drilled into us that we should never start a sentence with “I”, as it was one of her pet peeves too! I find that if I read back over what I’ve written, almost every sentence begins with “I” or “It”, so I always check over and change things around if the “I”s are getting tedious.

    • Unintended repetitions piled one on top of the another probably doesn’t make for fun reading. That said, I’m never sure when a “rule” such as “don’t start sentences with I” reflects a personal preference more than any objective good writing guide.

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