A Different Tack to Writing

As Julia Keller, cultural critic for the Chicago Tribune, explains, there are poly-readers among us, people who are “never reading just one book”. Although I’m not a poly-reader (nor polyglot, nor polymath), I thought, “hey, why not try being a poly-writer?”.

So the posts you’ve been seeing for the past two weeks or so were written under the distinctively non-artisinal, unromantic assembly style. I made drafts for a whole bunch of none-too-well-thought-out posts all at once. Then, as inspiration strikes, I go through and write a line or two for each post. An introduction here, an introduction there, a whole new place-holder for yet another topic altogether; no attempt is made to finish one post before moving on to another; long pauses needed to smooth over patches of particularly troublesome prose are eschewed; instead, I skipped and hopped among different tabs as the mood takes me.

What do you think of the results? Of course, some posts are inevitably finished before others and the subsequent editing process is still that I work on re-reading and polishing one post at a time. Nonetheless, perhaps the writings bear marks of their assembling process? Whatever the outcome, I’m not likely to repeat this experiment, for I am a one-at-a-time kind of gal, but (briefly) being a poly-writer was fun in its schizophrenic kind of way.

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