Readable Font Size

John Tehranian’s Infringement Nation: Copyright 2.0 and You has been sitting on my shelves for a good two months or so. I’m very eager to read it. I’ve even designated it my “one and only book” to be read for quite a while. Despite my willingness and its availability, the book and I haven’t been able to get on for more than a few pages. The reason, so technical as to hardly count for being a reason, is that the book’s font is simply too small to make the text readable for sustained stretches.

It’s really a shame. I don’t know what went through the mind of John Tehranian’s publisher, or whoever it is who’s responsible for deciding on the typeset and font size for printing his book. I don’t know if this person had a strict page limit to observe and so had very constrained choices to make under the circumstances. I don’t know what are the conditions that dictate such a strict page limit, if this is indeed what explains the tiny, unreadable font size (although I’ve speculated on why certain ranges of pages are desirable). I know the end result is a book suboptimal for actual reading. How unfortunate then that an e-book version with scalable fonts does not exist.

I will now become mystical and say that it’s not to be. The book is going straight back to the library; it’s not to be.

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