A Little Obsession of Mine

Completely indefensible: I like cheap books, and in pursuit of such books, I spend way too much time online looking for bargains. Specifically, I like cheap Kindle e-books because a) I own a Kindle, and b) e-books are like cocaine, instant gratification.  So I’ve developed a little obsession. I feel like such a hunter, scourging around the web for the bargain e-books. Never mind that I have way too many books to read already; never mind that I could borrow these books for free from the library; never mind that I hardly ever re-read and so have no reason for insisting on ownership. Bibliomania is a disease, even when it’s only for discounted e-tomes, and I’m sick, I tell you.

But my diseased state is your gain. Here, I will disclose all the little tidbits I learned in the search for cheap e-books. I will also unabashedly boast about my greatest finds (for shame!). You can get them too (and perhaps catch a little bit of the literati’s disease for your efforts).

  • Check out the A Kindle World blog. It’s full of Kindle-related news and tips. In particular, take a look at this post. It’s a bit chaotic, but the bargain hunter must never let that deter her. Your persistence will be well remunerated as the post includes links to (non-classic) free Kindle e-books,  Kindle e-books from a penny to just under a dollar, Kindle e-books from $1-$1.99, from $2-$2.99, and for those profligates among us, $3-$9.99. There’s a lot of junk, but the one thing the bargain must not value is her own time. Spend it wading through the junk; perhaps you will find a diamond, but rest assured that you will be covered in coal.
  • Even if you’re locked in to a proprietary software like the Kindle and can get your (DRM) e-books from no other place than Amazon, that’s no reason not to check out other e-book stores. This is because the one thing that the agency model for pricing e-books did in the consumers’ (immediate?) favor is to ensure that if a book is on sale in any store, it’s at the same discounted price everywhere. This means that if a book is part of, say, Google Books from $1.99 weekly deal, then even though not featured prominently on Amazon, that book is $1.99 on Amazon too. So check out Sony Reader Store, Barnes & Noble The Nook Book Store, Google Play Books, Apple iBooks, or whatever other retailer’s e-book store you know. Look at their bargain books section; if you see a book you like, you can get it for that same low price from your preferred vendor. I guarantee it. (OK, not really. I don’t guarantee anything. I have no monetary funds set aside to back up any empty guarantees I make to you anyway.)
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2 Responses to A Little Obsession of Mine

  1. Also check out this forum hosted by Amazon. Its devotees post Kindle books whose prices have dropped recently. The forum is a bit chaotic and time-consuming to look through, but those who are cheap cannot value their own time too dearly.

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