Upcoming Posts

  1. How-tos
  2. Unappealing absolute certainty
  3. The deficient reader: can perfectly decent writing be eye-wateringly boring?
  4. Infringement and consequence
  5. Accidental re-reading
  6. Old art — should it make us feel terribly guilty?
  7. Publishers’ blurb
  8. Localized links
  9. Getting to Netflix from Blockbuster
  10. Toobin & Rosen: judicial gossip?
  11. Returned unread
  12. Come shop at the library!
  13. Neighboring books
  14. What would you say you read?
  15. Reusing materials
  16. Professional barbs
  17. A note on the type
  18. Cultural Osmosis: Getty Museum
  19. I’ve been running a bit dry for the past few weeks. The muse hasn’t been singing as regularly.
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