Published Elsewhere

Those of you who are long-term readers of this blog, who peruse it most carefully, and who have photographic memories, know that a couple of my posts have been written as class assignments, clearly labelled as such, and then published on Books, Libs, Scripts.

While I’m quite fond of these pieces of writing — which is why I decided to post them here in the first place (nothing but the best for you guys!) — I wonder if the automatic reception of them may be that of, “oh, we don’t want to get hand-me-downs from some probably terribly boring class assignments”. If so, then this is perfectly understandable. There are publications that expressly do not accept anything that has been published elsewhere, and they do this for good reason. Recycled materials are not fresh; they were not written with the (second) publication’s readers in mind. And in the case of commercial publications, writings that are available elsewhere mean the publisher has to worry about splitting the audience and their revenue stream with the other place where the writing is available.

Although not those factors are at play with the aforementioned posts on this blog, I’m curious as to what you guys think. What do you think? What are your immediate reactions upon seeing reposted content, be they  reblogged posts, essays originally written for another purpose, or whatever other things that fit in this category?

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