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It Makes Me So Happy . . .

. . . to see Creative Commons licensed blogs. As you may recall, Creative Commons licenses are a way to waive some copyright rights to your creative property, be they blogs, comics, Youtube clips, or whatever other expressions spring from … Continue reading

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Minimizing Senility

Books, Libs, Scripts is turned a year old this month. During this year, I’ve accumulated — or so WordPress tells me — 300+ posts, 5 pages, 9 categories, and about 1000 tags. Like any other not so fresh blogger then, … Continue reading

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Recycled Book Covers

Have you seen this book cover? Or this one? What about this one? Methinks there are some similarities among these three covers. And between these three books and a bunch more, of which these three specimens are but a quickly … Continue reading

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Upcoming Posts

Blank endpapers One book dedicated to multiple souls Search and metadata: search by image (QBIC and Google Search by Image) Crafting a piece of writing, or skipping right over the quagmire that is an introduction Recycled book covers Minimizing senility, … Continue reading

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The Saga Continues (Or More Prosaically, A Bunch of Updates)

I dearly hope that a lawyer somewhere out there is planning to write a book on Google’s protracted struggle with the Authors Guild over the Google Books project. There have been so many twists and turns in this saga that … Continue reading

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Book Sales

At last check, Amazon is offering 272, 092 books on sale. Amazon calls these the “bargain books”, and it describes them thusly “Bargain books are top-quality publishers overstocks and out-of-print titles that we purchase in bulk quantities and offer to … Continue reading

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