When Books Join Hands

Do you find that books often join hands to pass along a reader from one tome to another? You read one book, and the one book skillfully mentions another book in a key passage. When you finish that first book, you’re curious about that second, aforementioned neighboring book. You check it out. When that happens, you’ve just been gently handed off from the allied hands of one clever book to the other.

Furthermore, there’s no reason to think that the alliance has just two members. O no, a reader can be led from thing to another to another to yet another endlessly. I’ve been swaddled and passed from Beeman’s Annotated Constitution to Beeman’s Plain, Honest Men to Ellis’s American Creation to Chernow’s WashingtonFrom Shawcross’s Justice and the Enemy to Goldsmith’s The Terror Presidency to Posner’s Not a Suicide Pact. From Lessig‘s to his posse of copyright lawyers. From Nancy Goldstone when she was Nancy Bazelon to when she married Larry Goldstone to all of hers and now their nonfiction works.

Where I am bundled off tomorrow, I’ve yet to know. But I will tell you all about it when in a new pair of hands I find myself.

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