Upcoming Posts

  1. Blank endpapers
  2. One book dedicated to multiple souls
  3. Search and metadata: search by image (QBIC and Google Search by Image)
  4. Crafting a piece of writing, or skipping right over the quagmire that is an introduction
  5. Recycled book covers
  6. Minimizing senility, or making sure I’m not repeating myself (too much)
  7. The longevity of blogs & revisiting old blog posts
  8. Creative Commons licensed blogs
  9. Books as decorations?
  10. Libraries books’ conditions, or the trust libraries show
  11. Retaining access to a research library
  12. Should I be upset more?
  13. Building a website
  14. Spam stats
  15. The snobbery of grammar
  16. The librarian as a library-user
  17. Version control
  18. And now, let’s take our play-acting very seriously
  19. A meeting of minds: thoughts on grading
  20. The delineation between leisure reading and its complement
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