Recycled Book Covers

Have you seen this book cover?

Or this one?

What about this one?

Methinks there are some similarities among these three covers. And between these three books and a bunch more, of which these three specimens are but a quickly plucked sample. What do you think?

It seems then that while publishers take pride in designing some of their covers, going so far as to credit the designers within the books themselves (e.g. “Book design by Christopher M. Zucker“), they do not treat all of their offsprings as favorably. I suppose that we should hold these truths to be self-evident, that not all books are created equal, that they may be endowed by their publishers and authors with certain inalienable Marks, that among these are Recycled Materials, Generic Art, and the Pursuit of Cost Reduction.

(Another of these self-evident truths is that I am a cheapskate and would happily trade original book covers for lower prices. You only have people like me to blame the next time you run into one of these recycles.)

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3 Responses to Recycled Book Covers

  1. A Little Blog of Books and Other Stuff says:

    I found an example of the same photograph being used on different books quite recently too:
    Worryingly, it happens quite a lot!

    • Yes, reused book covers probably happen with non-negligible frequency in the publishing world although I wouldn’t be one to worry about that myself. On the other hand, I wonder how we square away our appreciation for book covers as art works with that oft repeated maxim to not judge a book by its cover?

  2. Check this out for a Google search of the same cover used.

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