Minimizing Senility

Books, Libs, Scripts is turned a year old this month. During this year, I’ve accumulated — or so WordPress tells me — 300+ posts, 5 pages, 9 categories, and about 1000 tags. Like any other not so fresh blogger then, I now have a stock of past posts, or “inventory”, that I must be vigilant to not repeat too much.

Despite this effort, there bound to be some repetitions. I have roughly the same thoughts and the same urges to write about them from day to day. T&B is a themed blog (loosely so but still), so the same thoughts are constrained by the same topics. Most troublesome, however, is the advancing senility which makes me forget what I may have blogged about previously and how many times I’ve already repeated the same mutterings that pass for sthoughts.

I know what you’re saying. “Aren’t you too young to be senile already?” It’s true that I haven’t earned my Social Security keep, my rocking chair, or my claimed dementia. It’s also true that I can’t recall making this sin of repetitions a whole lot. But isn’t that hole in memory the symptom of senility? How can one really proclaim or disclaim senility? Should I ask Joseph Yossarian?

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