It Makes Me So Happy . . .

. . . to see Creative Commons licensed blogs. As you may recall, Creative Commons licenses are a way to waive some copyright rights to your creative property, be they blogs, comics, Youtube clips, or whatever other expressions spring from your head. These licenses allow for people to reuse your good works, provided that they abide by the conditions you specify in your license. (For example, T&B is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license which means, “Please reuse any of my posts but under no more restrictive copyright terms than those that I’ve made available to you.” And really, I would be so flattered if you use my work.)

I’m thrilled whenever I come across some Creative Commons, or otherwise Open Access licensed, materials. I’m thrilled because these materials are free and free for use in more ways than just passive absorption. I’m thrilled because these Creative Commons implementations demonstrate that people are becoming aware of — and subscribing to — the ethos of wide and generous knowledge dissemination.

Of course, the decision to license one’s content on this model of free and freely allowed adaptations is something each creator makes for himself. Creative Commons licenses make me happy because their generous impulses, but they also make me happy because they express authorial intent. They signify that the creators of the works have taken the time to think about the copyright inherent in their creations and have found a way to express their intentions for how they want their works to be used. While I’d love to see more people license their creative works under an Open Access framework, it is just as well that people explicitly claim full copyright rights to their words. The explicit copyright notice shows me that people have explored what their rights are, made an informed decision in regards to those rights, and made that authorial decision known. It is preferred to cases where creators have not thought about the issue and yet have their decisions to retain full copyright rights made for them because of the automatic binding specification of copyright rights in US Law.

Finally, on a purely personal note, I’d like to give a shout out to two particular Creative Commons-licensed publications that I enjoy. One is my friend Abi Jones’s Dear Future comics. The other is Sherbil’s Under that Hat. I will surely take advantage of your guys’ works!

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4 Responses to It Makes Me So Happy . . .

  1. And it makes me very happy to get mentioned in this blog, especially that copyright rights came into my awareness only after reading your take on the matter 😉

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