Retaining Library Access

I’ve spent all of my adult my life at most one degree of separation away from full access to a world-class research library. That is, I either always had full borrowing privileges and access to the e-subscriptions of a research institution (read, big university) myself or could rely on someone very close to me to satisfy all my information and hoarding needs. I gulp (audibly and visibly) to think of a day when this may no longer be true.

To be sure, I don’t anticipate that day sneaking up on me very soon. To be even surer, I realize that a) most people don’t think of this as a problem, b) people who do think of this as a problem are working on expanding access through the use of, say, Open Access journals. Nonetheless, the idea of being without JStor or Oxford University Press publications makes me quiver in my boots. All the more reason to cling tenaciously to a career path in academic libraries, do you think?

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