Building a Website

Even though this blog is tagged as “observations by an aspiring librarian”, Google knows better than to take me at my words. When you search Google for “aspiring librarian”, it returns some impressive websites of some impressive aspiring librarians (Google is smart). In contrast to my spec of a blog, consider Tracy Gossage’s site, aptly named The Aspiring Librarian. This is a complete website and not just a stand-alone blog, although it does feature a web log. Moreover, Gossage’s blog is professional and fittingly library-oriented. She describes it as her “commentary on various library science articles I come across and my thoughts as a student going through the process”.

Given the importance of visibility and branding when it comes to landing one’s first library job, I’m aspiring to have a website meself one day. When that time comes, do you think linking to this blog would be appropriate? I’ve talked about my feelings on the professionalism exemplified by this blog before. While I’m very happy to have started and maintained T&B with a stream of regular writing — much of which on library-related topics — I’m under no illusion that this is a strictly professional blog. Furthermore, I’m not sure that the informality of some of the writing and the wide-ranging subjects of T&B — much of which lies outside the library world — render the blog one of the first things I want a recruiter to see and form an impression about me.

In short, I’m on the fence. Have any of you had an experience that may offer insight into this particular “netiquette” issue?

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3 Responses to Building a Website

  1. Yes, I think it’s absolutely appropriate to link to this blog from your website. It’s all part of what you do/who you are. I certainly plan to do that as soon as I get my website up and running!

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