Upcoming Posts

  1. For reason of space & the advent of e-books
  2. “Binding materials are chosen for strength and durability.”
  3. Library collection development rationale: there is only use.
  4. Not publishing in e-book format
  5. Non-US libraries: tell me how they work
  6. Reading long-ago published books
  7. Stages on becoming a book
  8. Great content, poor formatting, cheap book
  9. Tooting librarians’ own horns
  10. A journalist’s book or a professor’s?
  11. Literary cognitive dissonance
  12. Summer in the Scholarly Communications & Licensing Department: Serials Solutions
  13. Gestation of a research monograph
  14. Read for the words
  15. Do you have your reading life planned?
  16. Seasonal trends
  17. Preface and Acknowledgments
  18. In-book advertisements
  19. This is a publisher?
  20. Fake authors’ biographies
  21. Today for the first time . . .
  22. Cultural Osmosis: Hakone Gardens & Japanese tea ceremony
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